Freedom Force vs The 3rd Reich

Freedom Force vs The 3rd Reich

Freedom Force vs. the 3rd Reich is a real-time tactical role-playing game
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Nuclear Winter steals Time Master's inert body and uses it to steal nuclear missiles from the Cuban missile crisis in an effort to start a nuclear war between the United States and the USSR. Freedom Force foils his plot, but on the return trip, the timeline changes and Freedom Force finds that the Axis powers achieved victory in World War II.

Using the disturbance in the timeline to guide them, Mentor projects the heroes back in the timestream to battle the villainous Blitzkrieg, who created the timeline disturbance, where they meet and team up with heroes of that age. In the course of Blitzkrieg's defeat, Alchemiss gains powers from Time Master's body, frees Man-Bot from the Celestial Clock, but goes insane over the sudden expansion of her powers and becomes Entropy, who threatens time and space. Entropy is eventually defeated.

A brand new chapter in the ever-expanding Freedom Force universe
Six new playable heroes from two distinct eras of comic books
A hoard of new villains bent on world domination
Radically enhanced graphics running on a brand new engine (Gamebryo).
Vastly improved multiplayer, including several completely new modes.

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